Sneak Peek @ my next crafting project

I get BATTY if I miss my morning coffee! As promised, here’s the super hero inspired drawing from @crafting.over.sips Here’s what we’re working on getting onto our customized card. Once I get that card finished, I’ll share it right away. You’ll likely see it first on my Instagram account (if you’re following us there).

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I can get BATTY if I miss my morning coffee! 🍵 #batman #crafts #crafting #craft #joingummie #art

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Toast to a Crafty Saturday!

Happy Saturday! A toast to all my crafting crafty artists out there. Here’s my hubby’s @crafting.over.sips character and looking to make some more cards with some personalize stamps & sketches soon. Can’t wait to share it. Look out for my next post with his Super Hero inspired drawing!

Toast to a fancraftic day!! ■ 🍵 #crafting #crafts #craft #joingummie

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Gummie the Coffee Sippin’ Crafting Alien

Absolutely adore “Gummie” the alien. My husband has been drawing this character before we got married decades ago. You can see “Gummie” on instagram (see below) Instagram username: Crafting.Over.Sips

Happy Saturday! Sippin my coffee and prepared to kick craft, with @sugarplumnmum ⛾ #crafts #craft #crafting

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Preparing my bears for my weekend Craft fest

This coloring thing is super fun. So much to learn and I’m looking to get the shading right. Practice makes perfect. I’ve joined in this dailermarker30day fun fest in Instagram. My crafting inspirators and inspirations on Instagram got me going and helping push me through this work week. If you’re a crafty crafting machine and on Instagram, go check out #kathyrac.

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~ Mum